Stacey's Career

I've seen a lot of things in my career. I've worked in a lot of industries, in a lot of different company sizes, styles, and cultures. In that time, I've done a bit of everything.

  • Software Development (Business Analysis, UX, Product Management, Project Management, QA, and more than a dozen DBs and programming languages)
  • Infrastructure (networking, server admin, sysops, firewalls, email servers, proxies, data center buildouts, disaster recovery)
  • Security (risk and compliance, PCI, FISMA, audit, inspection and penetration testing, defense design)

I've managed multi-million dollar budgets and projects for under a hundred bucks. I have written, reviewed, and responded to multi-million dollar RFPs. If you need help in tech, I can probably lend a hand. I also know my way around the business side. I've been lead technical sales working with Big Four accounting firms, presented to CEOs, and spent plenty of time in a board room and in front of government executives. I understand ROI, how software can help, and when software can be a liability.

I have also written or reviewed a number of certification exams. I was an SME on the original eBiz+ exam, and I have contributed a number of exams to Brainbench. I also do ghost writing. I've ghost-written books, manuscripts, and some CEO/CTO/Tech blogs for Silicon Valley.

You can find more details on my linkedin profile (or email me). You can do either from my Contact link. Inquiries are always welcome. And if you just want to chat or ask advice, I do that too.