Stacey's Jazz on the Side

I used to do a TON of work on the side. During interviews I often was told "You seem overqualified and have done everything. What will keep you from getting bored here?" My answer is always "I never get bored. I find something." For years and years, when I finished work, I went home and worked on something else- writing something for myself, or a project for someone else. I never moonlighted at work or anything; my hobbies were just more work. I have always needed to have a lot of balls in the air.

That said, I do freelance work a LOT less nowadays. I have a son in college and another in diapers. I have a half dozen nephews and a niece. I have a gaming group twice a week that's an excuse to get them to come visit. I write and develop the games we play at those game nights. My life is more rounded.

That said, if you have short projects that I sound like a good fit for, reach out. I'm always up for a new experience.