Stacey Douglas? Who?

I am Stacey Neal Douglas, a dad, techie, geek, maker and thinker who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. I like to help people make the best of themselves and, if I believe in your company, your mission, and you, I like to help people build better companies.

I am a compulsive designer, re-designer, and maker. I like to take things apart and improve them. I love to learn and research. When I am not digging into research, I fill my spare time with designing new games, writing, restoring old furniture, and making new things.

I also do a lot of mentoring in life. Kids still in school, college students, early career folks, people starting their own businesses, job hunters, and a number of former colleagues who are executives now. I am always happy to help and to learn. Every situation is different, and I am thankful for new insight into new problems. If you need a sounding board, I love to meet new folks. If I can help you, let me know.